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Winter/Spring Interest Form  

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Notes: (Do not re-submit this form to make changes)
  1. If this form does not work properly email the below information to the  Director of Secondary Programs .
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Please add me to your list of players interested in participating in the Region 85 Spring Select programs.   I understand that I must have participated in the most recent Region 85 fall program to be eligible, and that submitting this form does not guarantee me a place in the program.

Program   Spring
Division The division you played in this fall.  (U7 will play in U8)
Your Region  Region where you participated in the most recent fall season.
First Name

Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy

Last Name Gender  (you are)     Male   Female  

My parent or other relative will referee   Yes   No  
Players whose relatives volunteer to referee will go to the top of the list.

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