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Area 11-L EXTRA Game Schedule Fall 2010-REGION 85 ONLY WITH REFS FOR 18-SEP-10 (
AYSO Age_Group_Chart_2013-2014 (xls)
AYSO National Rules and Regulations
Heroes Map-Practice (7 fields)
Heroes Map-Practice (9 fields)
Injury Reporting Procedure (pdf)
Picture Day Schedule 2013 (pdf)
Picture Day Schedule 2014 (xls)
Picture Day Schedule Doug 2014
Region 85 eAYSO Registration Instructions (.pdf)
Region 85 Handbook
Region 85 Rain Policy (pdf)
Region 85 team package (pdf)
Scholarship Form for 2009 2010
Spring make-up fields
Standard Regional Guidelines FINAL 6-2006
Team Parent Handbook (pdf)
Updating the Website
Waiver Form for photo release of minor children (pdf)
What is AYSO Extra (pdf)

Coach Documents      Top of Page
2013 VIP Fall Schedule (pdf)
AYSO Picture Day schedule 2011 (pdf)
Heading Safely
Heroes Map 20141102.png
Heroes Map 20141102.png
How to Enter Team Names
MatchTrak Schedules R85 Playoffs
pdftestfile (pdf)
Player Rating Form
R85 Game Card Fillable (pdf)
Schedules R85 Playoffs 131104
Spring 2008 Referee Committment
Spring 2009 Referee Letter (doc)
Spring Coach Application (pdf)
US Soccer Hydration & Heat Illness Guidelines

Field Permits      Top of Page
City 2015 Spring Permits
Field Permit Summary Spring 2015.png
SVUSD 2015 Spring Permit La Madera
SVUSD 2015 Spring Permit Portola Hills
SVUSD 2015 Spring Permit Serrano

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AYSO_Registration_2012-Flash8_SWF_640x360_16x9 (swf)
field_positioning_dual_2012 (swf)

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Forms      Top of Page
AYSO Extra Sign-up Form (pdf)
AYSO Incident Report Form (with_instructions 2013) (pdf)
AYSO Register Paper Fund Flyer (pdf)
AYSO Scholarship Application Form (pdf)
Conflict of Interest Policy (pdf)
Field Mass Email - schedule (pdf)
Kids Zone Pledge Form
Kids Zone Pledge Form (Spanish)
Participation Release (pdf)
Register Fundraiser 2011
Reimbursement Request (fill-in)(pdf)
Soccerfest Waiver

Images      Top of Page
2011 U12B DRAGONS-1ST PLACE (htm)
2011 U12B-1ST AND 2ND PLACE (jpg)
2013 Boys U9 EXTRA Tourny Champs
ayso soccer camp logo
ayso_fox1_logo (jpg)
Blank Image 10x10 pixels
happy_birthday (gif)
nodogs (png)
R85 Logo (gif)
R85 Logo (jpg)
Region 85 AYSO Logo
Section11-logo-300dpi (jpg)

Newsletters      Top of Page
Newsletter vol_0002 (pdf)
Newsletter vol_0002a (pdf)
v09_01 (pdf)

Referee Documents      Top of Page
2013 Advice to Referees (pdf)
2013 Guide to Procedures (pdf)
2013 Intermediate Class Study Guide (pdf)
2014 - National Referee Program Manual
2014-2015 FIFA Laws of the Game (PDF)
Assessment Checklist (Assistant Referee)
Assessment Checklist (Referee)
Assessment Field Worksheet
AYSO USSF Cross Certification Form (pdf)
New Referee Registration From
Playoff KFM Referee Data Sheet
R85_2008 Basic Referee Course Handout Format (rev 2 grayscale) (pdf)
R85_2014 Official Course (rev 1) (ppt)
Referee Match Data Sheet
Referee Upgrade Applicaton
Region 85 - Playoff Rules and Procedures (pdf)
Region 85 Special Rules (Fall 2014)
U6-U7 Lineup Card (pdf)
U6-U7 Lineup Card 4x6 (pdf)
U6-U7 Special Rules (Fall 2014)

Tables      Top of Page
2010 UK Clinic Schedue (txt)
2011 UK Clinic Schedue (txt)
2012 UK Clinic Schedue (txt)
2013 UK Clinic Schedue (txt)
2014 UK Clinic Schedue (txt)
report (55) (csv)

Web Training      Top of Page
Download Current MY Info (swf)
goal_area_violation_20110913 (swf)
How to Update the R85 Referee Table (doc)
How to Update the R85 Referee Table (pdf)
how_to_signup_for_games (swf)
how_to_signup_for_games_20110831 (swf)
how_to_signup_for_games_20110913 (swf)
MY Update_01 (html)
MY Update_01 (swf)
MY_20Update_01_toolbar (swf)
my_playback_control_test (swf)
MY_TEST-1 (swf)
ofs_why_offside_added (swf)
REFEREE: Coaching Principles for Referees (swf)
REFEREE: How to Request Games (swf)

CMS Training      Top of Page
CMS Training (doc)
CMS Training (pdf)
International PrimoPDF (exe)
Primo32 PDF Printer Driver Setup
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